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Our night Supervisor trains each employee to clean our accounts according to our high standards and works closely with them until the janitor has a good understanding of all duties involved. The Night Supervisor has regular monthly safety meetings on site as well. Each employee is provided with a list of company rules and is expected to follow them closely. Sunset employee’s are provided with shirts or aprons that identify our company. All employee’s have access to the night Supervisor’s cell phone in case of emergency or important questions. If janitor’s fail to perform their duties in a professional manner or neglect their duties, they are given a warning notice by the Supervisor to correct the problem. The third warning notice results in termination.


Besides regular visits to your facility by myself during the day, our Night Supervisor also visits to your facility to insure that all cleaning specifications are being followed etc.

We have Quality Control forms and Detail Sheets that get turned in to the Owners every month from our Night Supervisor. The Q.C. form covers all areas of your facility. Anything that needs attentions gets taken care of promptly. The “Detail Sheets” will be located in the main janitor closet of each building in Spanish and English. That saying, “It’s all in the details,” is very true. The Detail Sheets deal with specific areas of the facility each week. Such areas as window ledges, high dusting, a/c vents, restroom detailing, conference room detailing, carpet edge cleaning, cobwebs, etc. The Details Sheets are customized to the customers needs depending on the type of facility being cleaned.

Our night Supervisor will be checking your facility frequently to make sure our crew is on time and do not leave early and to enforce our cleaning standards. Janitor's call into the Supervisor upon arrival at work and at the end of their shift.


We have all of our employee’s fill out I-9 forms and in working with the Immigration and Naturalization Service require employee’s to have a valid I.D. or Drivers License, work permit and Social Security Card. We also contact their previous employer and follow up on work history to the extent possible. On new accounts we place employee's in leader positions who have already been working with us for some time and who have already proven themselves. Employee’s who have seniority can become site foremen and receive higher wages. All of Sunset’s staff are employed directly by Sunset and no Sub Contractor’s are ever used with the exception of window cleaning above two stories in height.


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