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Sunset has been in business for 21 years as of 2014 and from our conception our business model has been followed as planned. Our goal from the start was to develop a company that would have 50 to 60 employee’s and remain that size. Why? So we could be involved as owners and not lose control of our ability to manage our company. My partner and myself both have known friends who have been in this industry and ran large companies of 500, 1,000 and more employee’s. We have witnessed the stress they dealt with and the loss of control by delegating responsibility to various managers below them. In this business it is best to stay fairly small or grow as large as possible. We at Sunset have willingly opted to stay in the medium size range for many positive reasons. Mostly so we can deal directly with our customers and not have too many Supervisors and Managers who really don’t care as much about the company as we the Owners do.


I would classify Sunset’s standard as “Proactive.” I worked for some big janitorial companies in the past as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a number years to learn the business better. I discovered that these companies seemed to be involved in putting out fires so to speak. I promised myself that I would try to run a company that took care of things before the customer had to call. Sunset includes carpet cleaning at no cost for all of our customers ONCE per year and waxing tile floors quarterly or more depending on the traffic conditions. Our reputation is important so we have these services built in so your facility looks good all year round.

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